From the Heart

I am not sure who or what you are but my heart bleeds for your presence. Loneliness is far more difficult to manage than the text books tell us.

In my 56 years of life I have seen both good and evil; often emerging from the most unpredictable of sources.

Was I foolish to believe that the world had somehow come to terms with peaceful coexistence. The nay Sayers might contribute it to a time of unrealistic optimism. I’d rather believe that it was a time of enlightenment.

I think I now know both who and what you are; a vision of truth, caring and hope.

With this in mind I am sure I will never loss the inspiration you emulate and visions of a brighter tomorrow.

About Richard Ellis

. Currently I am a docent and a member of the Further Education Dept. at the Smithsonian Institute. My interests are many including: history, current affairs, the environment, education, digital photography, dogs, exercise, gardening, travel,fitness, films, theater, classical rock, folk & country music and more that I cannot think of at the moment
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