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Boquet of Broccoli the Last of the Winter Garden

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Chris Christie is the First to point out that Gingrich is Embarrassing While Many Others Quietly Agree. Gingrich’s is a Democrats Dream Come True

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‘Obamacare’ the Not so Affordable Healthcare Plan A Personal Analysis

On several occasions I have considered sitting down and writing just how untrue the claims that #Obamacare is “Affordable Care.”  The time has come to uncover the truths and falsehoods, as I have come to learn first hand.  I am an Independent voter, … Continue reading

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Gingrich Why? Self-Loathing & a Return to things the way they were, exactly what the majority of Americans have shown thats exactly what they are frustrated with an hope to move away from!

With Perry dropping out it appears Conservatives are looking seriously at Gingrich as the non-Romney candidate. After all he did receive endorsments from Palin & Perry. What people seem to forget Gingrich is a self-loathing,immoral, hedonistic, Washington insider who was … Continue reading

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Paula Dean is a Hypocrite

A Murder who is willing to do anything for a buck including teaching people how to poison theselves and then having the audacity to try & sell a remedy

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Perry dropped out does that mean the enf of humor in the GOP race or who will take his place. perry’s endordement of Gingrich is not a surprise since he appeared to have a prejudiceagaingt Mormon who he once referred to as a cult. Good ridden Rick!

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Reality TV …Maybe?

Spewing Morality and Family Values. Meet the real Newt

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KeystoneXL Not so Final Decision

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Sometimes Life Sucks

Today what started as a joke earlier this week became a reality for me. Pneumonia+Strep+everything else proves that sometimes life sucks!

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