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Coup d´état in the Urban Victory Garden

It been a while since i have written an update  on the Urban Victory Garden.  While not intentional, I have been unsure what could thrive or even survive the brutal weather of summer in Texas. The good news is that … Continue reading

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The Urban Farmer, An update on the Victory Garden

It’s been several weeks since I updated the status of my Victory Garden.  It’s not easy to photograph all of the plants, everything is thriving except for the yellow squash which I think got root bound by the flowers and … Continue reading

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Why is our Country Moving Backwards

I find it hard to believe that this issue is once again a political ‘hot potato’.  Regardless of where you stand on this sensitive matter, one can only hope that this reactionary climate does not lead to the revocation of … Continue reading

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Tweet from @RichardAEllis


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‘Obamacare’ the Not so Affordable Healthcare Plan A Personal Analysis

On several occasions I have considered sitting down and writing just how untrue the claims that #Obamacare is “Affordable Care.”  The time has come to uncover the truths and falsehoods, as I have come to learn first hand.  I am an Independent voter, … Continue reading

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Paula Dean is a Hypocrite

A Murder who is willing to do anything for a buck including teaching people how to poison theselves and then having the audacity to try & sell a remedy

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Sometimes Life Sucks

Today what started as a joke earlier this week became a reality for me. Pneumonia+Strep+everything else proves that sometimes life sucks!

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