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USMC-KISS Upon Returning from Active Duty

Everybody who puts their life on the line deserves a proper homecoming. Welcome home and thank you. I don’ care if you are kissing a horse. At least you had love e to come back to!

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Tweet from @RichardAEllis


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Busy Bee

While meditating at the edges of my garden, I am captivated by the beauty and complexity of my little helpers.  At the end of the season I have intentionally let several broccoli plants flower in my garden as a treat … Continue reading

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Scarborough Fair

In an effort to combine my (modest) talents in gardening herbs, digital photography, and my newly acquired knowledge of Gimp. Presented in a six layer composite; the image includes all of the herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (can you find them in the photo … Continue reading

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Handel Resigns from Planned Parenthood

It could not have come soon enough, Handel is a disgusting individual who was willing to put personnel political interests ahead of the integrity of the organization. GOOD RIDANCE!

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Eli Sorry these guy have you Beat Puppy Bowl VIII : Animal Planet

Puppy Bowl VIII : Animal Planet.

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