Student of Stained Glass – “Window no.2 – A vision of the future”

Window no.2

“Windows no.2 A vision of the future”

I am on a mission. A journey to learn the fine art of stained glass. Throughout the years, as I travelled around the world  I have always found myself full of curiosity and admiration for the fine art of stained glass. The medieval rosettes Notre-Dame Paris, the anonymous yet stunning windows of Chartres and Marc Chagall‘s contemporary “Window of Peace” at the United Nations all sent chills down my spine.  Thus my mission, to learn the art of stained glass.  My work is nowhere nearly as fine, complex or sophisticated as the masters who designed and installed the great stained glass pieces around the globe, but I have been motivated to learn how to work in this timeless medium.

“Window no.2” is my first   full-size panel and is inspired by the styles of such greats as: Piet Mondrian, Alexander Calder and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is very difficult to photograph this piece as much of its movement and emotion are captured in the clear panels.  Never-the-less here is “Window no.2”, a vision of the future.


About Richard Ellis

. Currently I am a docent and a member of the Further Education Dept. at the Smithsonian Institute. My interests are many including: history, current affairs, the environment, education, digital photography, dogs, exercise, gardening, travel,fitness, films, theater, classical rock, folk & country music and more that I cannot think of at the moment
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