Why is our Country Moving Backwards

I find it hard to believe that this issue is once again a political ‘hot potato’.  Regardless of where you stand on this sensitive matter, one can only hope that this reactionary climate does not lead to the revocation of the Thirteeth Amendment (abolition of slavery), or the Fifteenth Amendment (which gave African-Americans voting rights) or perhaps the Nineteenth Amendment (Women’s suffrage).  One Washington Post reader went as far as to compare this to a dental visit  This truly personifies the notion that indeed “ignorance is bliss‘.  While the folks in Washington D.C. are busy rewriting history perhaps consideration should also be given to repealing the Second Amendment (right to bear arms) or the Twenty First Amendment (abolition of prohibition).  I forgot, the later is simply impossible as legislators need their cocktails to help define the Country’s destiny.

‘Doonesbury’ creator Garry Trudeau discusses divisive strips about abortion – The Washington Post.

About Richard Ellis

. Currently I am a docent and a member of the Further Education Dept. at the Smithsonian Institute. My interests are many including: history, current affairs, the environment, education, digital photography, dogs, exercise, gardening, travel,fitness, films, theater, classical rock, folk & country music and more that I cannot think of at the moment
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