It Difficult to Follow All of the Occupy News

I have grown very compassionate about the OWS movement.  I went down to the Occupy Austin to get a first hand education about the movement locally and globally.  My take away, not to suggest that I am abandoning the movement, was to understand just how frustrated and unhappy so many people are with things the way they currently exist.  What strikes me is that this discontent seems to transcending so many different social and cultural barricades.  Its appears to me that a lot more people, who chose not to visibly protest, are sitting quietly at home sharing the movement’s message of discontent. Perhaps that is why around the country arrests have escalated, maybe the powers-that-be really understand how far the discontent is reaching.   Occupy Austin is no exception.


About Richard Ellis

. Currently I am a docent and a member of the Further Education Dept. at the Smithsonian Institute. My interests are many including: history, current affairs, the environment, education, digital photography, dogs, exercise, gardening, travel,fitness, films, theater, classical rock, folk & country music and more that I cannot think of at the moment
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